SmashCut Podcast - Episode 21

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Should video games try to be movies? Also, we talk Kevin Smith, An Education, and the merits of Tracey Morgan. A very ranty episode.

(This week's music brought to you by An Education and Mass Effect...)

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 20

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17:50 minutes (12.46 MB)

Andrew flies without his co-pilot for a quickie show to recap the Oscar nominations and take a few free shots at the week's new releases.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 19

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Avatar - going back for seconds. Plus, what's this bond thing all about anyway?

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 18

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The train keeps a rollin

Put in another long day editing the new feature.

Today.. another 22 scenes (aprox 12.5 minutes) have been rough cut. This brings the total assembly cut up to 76 minutes with 39 scenes left to go.

I'm really looking forward to the day when enough is done that we can do a proper announcement about this film. Post-production is always a long, tedious process - but this one has been filled with all kinds of challenges and distractions.

With luck, I can buckle down and knock out the remaining scenes sooner rather than later.

The Dangers of Genetic Research


... a DigiTribe comedy short about toying with human genetics. Produced in it's entirety over new year's weekend 2010 - Katie Farrell and Rachel Marshall are featured as neighboring mothers a bit too eager for the life successes of their children.



...a DigiTribe comedy short about New Year resolutions Produced in it's entirety over New Year's weekend 2010, this short features Andrew Kemp as a poor video game addicted shlub who desperately tries to cling to his resolutions against much adversity.

01/01/10 Comedy Shoot

A few of us were talking earlier this year about how - even though we were working hard on the editing of the new feature, we hadn't released any shorts or skits in some time. We have had a handful of scripts sitting around for a while, and we're all getting a little bit ansy and wanting to film something. So we thought we should pick a weekend, bring some of our fragmented team back in town from far off lands - and shoot something fun.

On January 1, 2010 - we're going to set out to film as many comedy shorts as we can get complete in 48 hours. We have 5 scripts ready to go, and anticipate completing 3-4 of them.

We are inviting our friends to come out and screw around with us if you are in the Atlanta area. We don't know exactly what we need yet - as we are still picking scripts - but if you want to come hang out and be around ... maybe you'll get a chance to act, hold a microphone, or just get someone coffee/beer...

Call our office at 818-308-5550, and leave a message if you are interested!


So yesterday evening I was visited by the one... the only JVS, and we set out to catch up on a little editing - seeing as I've recently lagged a bit behind. I am happy to say that 10 hours and a couple of bourbons later, we had completed a pretty major sequence, and now... today we have officially 1 hour of assembled movie.

Thats kinda rad.

Now, when I say, assembled... I mean that in the most minimal way possible of course. The transitions are rough, the image qualities are raw, the audio has not even been touched. But ... its a step in the process.

So... here is to having an hour of movie, and being a little closer today than yesterday.

night shot

night shot

Another frame grab from one of the scenes in the upcoming feature.

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