The Game

The DRAGON CONspiracy is a Live Action Role Playing game based in the world of Paranoia. The game will be taking place August 31 through September 2nd in Atlanta, GA as a part of Game Programming at DragonCon 2007.


DigiTribe Productions is an entertainment and media production company based in Atlanta GA. Founded in 1994, DigiTribe has been involved in independent record releases, film production, interactive theatre, and other diverse media ventures.


August 1st, 2007 by Jason Norred

Greetings Citizen!

Iím pleased to announce that DigiTribe Productions will be producing a Live-Action version of the popular Paranoia RPG at Dragon*Con 2007 in Atlanta, GA the weekend of August 31-September 3 2007.

The game will run continuously from Friday night until Sunday evening with primary plot hours occurring:

  • Friday 1900-2100
  • Saturday 1300-1800
  • and Sunday 1300-1800

    • The Primary storyline will advance during these three session windows, however players are encouraged to continue game play throughout the day and night if they so wish.

      Logistical assistance at the desk may be available for a couple of hours either side of a plot window, but plan to do most desk logistics during the actual plot windows if possible.

The LARP system being used has been specially developed for this type of convention game and has been streamlined for ease of play, speedy resolutions, and quick learning curves.

Registration for the game is $19.84 - and includes six lives (clones) of your assigned character. To pre-register please click "Register To Attend" on the main menu. The game is written for 50-150 players, so act now and get your name on The Computerís roll sheet.

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