Geekin' Cast

Cast of Geekin'

Justin Morgan

Morgan Lancaster
(aka: Justin Morgan)
Morgan is a likeable guy, although shy and a little awkward. He's comfortable when around his close friends, but freezes up with anyone else. Morgan just wants to be liked, but has a hard time controlling his emotions. Even so, Morgan has one friend he can always count on: his childhood sidekick, Brown. Secret Geek Passion: Soap Operas.
Kermit Holden

Brown Reed
(aka: Kermit Holden)
Brown has been Morgan's friend since grade school, but took a different turn. Although definitely one of the Geeks, Brown has a great job and own house -- dubbed &quotThe Pit&quot -- that the Geeks think of as a second home. Things tend to fall in place for Brown, but he still enjoys throwing the dice around whenever he gets a chance. Secret Geek Passion: Comics
Alexa Anderson

Meredith Baxter
(aka: Alexa Anderson)
Meredith isn't your average gamer girl. Although still young, a complicated family situation forced her to grow up quick. Meredith is mature and clear-headed, although she tries to indulge her passion for games, parties, and friends whenever she can. Secret Geek Passion: Goth Games.
Sean Mulhall

(aka: Sean Mulhall)
As far back as Morgan and Brown go, Austin and Mooney go back farther. Austin is the level-headed one -- which keeps Mooney in line -- and never misses a chance to crack a joke. Secret Geek Passion: Sports.
Louis Puster III

(aka: Louis Puster III)
The other half of the dynamic Geek duo, Mooney has a short fuse and is easily angered, but his bark is usually much worse than his bite. After a brief cool-down, Mooney always comes to his senses and returns to the game. Secret Geek Passion: Sci-Fi TV.
Adam Morris

(aka: Adam Morris)
Norm is Brown's roommate and the long-time gamemaster for the group. Norm takes the game, and the intricate stories he designs, very seriously and fights to keep the Geeks from wrecking his master plans. Secret Geek Passion: Film.
Jason Von Stein

(aka: Jason Von Stein)
Every gaming circle has its Wes. A geek among geeks, Wes spends all of his time working the numbers to create the perfect combat character. He knows every rule -- and every exploit -- that will help him achieve his goal. Secret Geek Passion: His character, Gump the Gnome.
Bri Westmoreland

(aka: Bri Westmoreland)
Penny is a friendly gamer girl that makes friends quickly and opens up to anyone who seems like a fellow geek. She's still young, though, and her emotions swing quickly depending on how she's feeling that day. Secret Geek Passion: Elves.
Cameron Cook

(aka: Cameron Cook)
Finch is too supercool to have a bio. You just wish you could hang out with him. Secret Geek Passion: You kidding me?
Joe Hunt

Gump the Gnome
(aka: Joe Hunt)
Gump is the mightiest warrior in all of Tir Sidaj. He is known throughout the Five Kingdoms for his prowess both in battle and with the maidens.