Red Envelope goodness

So, we've recently made an arrangement with one of our North American distributors to start providing Geekin' to Netflix. So, starting today - you can rent a copy of Geekin' online.

This, of course, does not relieve your obligation to buy your own copy... but nonetheless, it's kinda cool.

DragonCon Review

Ok, it took just about a full week to recover from the 96 hours of insanity that was DragonCon 2007. We really enjoyed ourselves (maybe a bit too much) and hope those of you who made it out to see us enjoyed yourselves as well. Despite our table being down in the convention dungeon of no internet or phone service - we were pleasantly surprised with the amount of traffic around the DigiTribe table this year. We'll keep you posted on the next convention date so those of you who haven't made it out to party-like-rockstars with us, can do so. Thanks for spreading the word about the film!

Short Film

First of all, a big thanks to those of you who made our Chattacon screening of Geekin' a success. We had a blast partying at the Choo-Choo and can't wait to do it again next year. Even better, the audience at Chattacon was the first group on the planet to see "After", the new DigiTribe short horror film I wrote and directed.

I'm thrilled to announce that as of today, "After" is available on the interweb absolutely free. You can find a high-quality version of the film at and there are also versions of it available on YouTube, iFilm, and Atom Films.

"After" is a six-minute chunk of cool starring Justin Morgan and Jason Von Stein (of Geekin' fame), Lindsey Monroe, and a hungry, monstrous horde. Check it out, then drop by our forums and tell us what you think.

New Year Plans

Well, the New Year has seen some interesting developments for Geekin'. In addition to the upcoming screening this weekend at ChattaCon (where you may just be able to see a new short marking the directorial debut of our own Andrew Kemp), we're getting geared up for a number of other screenings and appearances on the convention circuit. In addition to all that excitement, the team here at DigiTribe is preparing for a number of new projects for 2007. Exciting times for us here at DigiTribe, that's for sure. We'll be posting more information here on our upcoming convention appearances, so keep an eye out, we may just be coming to a town near you! Of course, you don't have to wait for a convention to see Geekin', you can pick a copy up in our online store here, as well as a 'Gump is a Mighty Warrior' shirt, to show the world that you're a geek and proud of it. As always, thanks for your continuing support!

ChattaCon Screening

After the awesome success of our Atlanta DragonCon screening, we have been asked to hold a similar screening in Chattanooga, TN - January 26-28 - at the 32nd annual ChattaCon convention. So, any of you who will be in the area and looking for a party ... ChattaCon has a long (sometimes sordid) history with us and we are pretty hyped about showing the film there. So, come out - drink with us, and get your copy of the DVD signed.

Gnome Giveaway

As promised .. the winner of the preorder Gnome Giveaway is ... Jodi Harmon of Largo, FL. Jodi's name was randomly selected from out of all the customers who pre-ordered the DVD. She will be receiving an authentic Geekin' garden gnome signed by a few of the Geekin' crew.

Thank you all for supporting the film - and telling your friends about us. It really makes all the difference. Congrats, Jodi! Enjoy your gnome. The others will miss him.

Post-Convention Thanks

Let me offers THANKS and WOOTS to those of you who made an appearance at the official Dragon-Con Geekin' premiere in Atlanta, GA! We packed the Regency 5 ballroom for our little project, and it was filled with > 200 of the loudest, coolest fans at the Con. Despite a (bad) goth concert threatening to drown us out from next door, our crowd stuck with us all the way into the wee hours of the morning. We added a video in the extras section for those of you who couldn't be there - go check it out. You guys make us happy. Stay tuned for future convention screenings and festivals! The geek revolution continues.

Official Release!

The day has finally come.

The age of presales has come to an end, and a new age has begun! The Geekin' DVD is now officially available. Pre-orders are now in the mail, and I welcome all of the rest of you to place your order today for a speedy delivery of your very own Geekin' DVD.

DVD Update!

I just spoke with our manufacturer, and the initial run of Geekin' DVDs should be arriving at the DigiTribe offices by middle of next week. So, it looks like we are in great shape for an official release on Tuesday 22nd!

I know, I know ... that Tuesday release day s a stupid rule.. but its a rule - whatcha gonna do?

This does mean, however, that you only have a week left to take advantage of the pre-order promotion. So get your order in today! Also, for those of you coming to the 8/27/06 screening at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, DVDs will be on sale there for $20.

Atlanta Underground Film Festival

I just received word today that Geekin' was selected for entrance in the Third Annual Atlanta Underground Film Festival, held August 23 - 27, 2006 at Eyedrum and CineFest in Atlanta, GA. Our screening will be Sunday, August 27th 5:00PM at Eyedrum.