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SmashCut Podcast - Episode 26

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48:52 minutes (34.25 MB)

It's Summer movie time!!

Arcade or Die - Episode 02

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65:47 minutes (35.06 MB)

are games art? we think so...
the ted talk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9y6MYDSAww
roger ebert's rebuttal http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/2010/04/video_games_can_never_be_art.htm...
cracked takes a look http://www.cracked.com/blog/why-ebert-is-wrong-in-defense-of-games-as-ar...
music brought to you by jet set radio...

got a comment? let us hear it...818-308-5550

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 25

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42:00 minutes (28.85 MB)

SmashCut (logo)

SmashCut (logo)

Arcade or Die (logo)

Arcade or Die (logo)

Arcade or Die - Episode 01

Arcade or Die (logo)

73:20 minutes (40.6 MB)

No quarters necessary, here is all the games you can handle, and you don't even need to start playing with that joystick of yours. Unless you really want to! Tune in as we talk shop on upcoming releases, systems, developers, and all things games. Today we talk E3 and why we both want a ps3...Music brought to you by Mirror's Edge.

arcade or die - theme

0:41 minutes (1.12 MB)

new podcast music maybe?

joey the mad scientist - music junkie - monday maker

64:35 minutes (44.35 MB)

a nice set to put you in the right mood. smooth without being sleepy, happy without being chipper. this is half-caff my friends...

**all songs listed are here as promotion and as such no infringement is meant.

animal collective - my girls
the pharcyde - runnin (rae and christian remix)
mc solaar - galaktika
pinback - this red book
unkle - hold my hand
morcheeba - the sea
esthero - superheroes
zero 7 - destiny (simian remix)
royksopp - beautiful day without you
beastie boys - flute loop
a tribe called quest - electric relaxation
nuyorican soul - i am the black gold of the sun
massive attack - black milk
m83 - moonchild
grand nationals - drink to moving on

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 24

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60:18 minutes (41.41 MB)

We prepare for our Spring break by giving out final thoughts on the Oscars. The victory of The Hurt Locker, the Razzie of Sandra Bullock, and the secret sexism behind Kathryn Bigelow's groundbreaking win. Plus the latest news on Captain America, Twilight, and other movies that really matter.

SmashCut Podcast - Episode 23

SmashCut (logo)

54:11 minutes (37.21 MB)

**DISCLAIMER** this was supposed to be out before the oscars, and i completely dropped the ball on this one. all apologies. but, it's still a hell of a show and you can tune in to find out if andy's predictions about the oscars were accurate :-)

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